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ckd: Let's try that again....


05:58 - Let's try that again....

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At YUL, and about to head to the gate. "This time for sure!" ("But that trick never works.")

Let's hope my next post is from BOS or somewhere in Cambridge, and that it happens today.



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From: numinicious
Date:2009-08-12 12:47 (UTC) [T+02:47:38]
A giant fog has settled on Boston & refuses to budge, so your flight will probably be even further delayed as Logan refuses to let planes land/take off.

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From: sethb
Date:2009-08-12 21:15 (UTC) [T+11:15:26]
2009-08-12 16:15 (sethb's time)
Well, it looks like your flight made it.
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