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ckd: More about next year's Readercon


23:38 - More about next year's Readercon

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Remember how I said I was wary about next year's Readercon? You may have seen some rather...spirited...discussions of the issue elsewhere on LJ, also.

I'm feeling much more reassured after sovay's post about Readercon:

Let us all agree that "This is your father's Readercon" is a really bad slogan. It has a deskful of negative associations and nothing to do with the current plan for Readercon 21, which is a temporary simplification of the program to something whose creation and coordination will not cause nervous breakdowns among members of the committee. Note that I do not mean simplified intellectually. The only issue is the density of program items. The dealer's room will contain its usual stacks of books. The traditional events—Meet the Pros(e), the presentation of the Rhysling, Shirley Jackson, and Cordwainer Smith Awards, and the Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition—will all take place. And please, if there aren't parties all over the place in 2010, something has gone terribly wrong with the whole de-stressing idea. Further information will be forthcoming as soon as I have it, i.e., after the committee has a chance to check its e-mail, breathe for the first time since mid-April, and perhaps water some of its plants or pets. For now, please repost and link as you see fit. And if you have any concerns about Readercon, ask.

Don't Panic.
This says to me that the concom knows there's been a screw-up, that they want to address it by fixing the communications channels, and that they're listening. This is a huge improvement over how things looked earlier. I'm still concerned, but even at the nadir I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt as much as I could, and this...this helps a whole lot.

I'm looking forward to the promised FAQ, which (while I don't expect it to answer everything or solve all the problems) should be another important step toward the better communication/better transparency side of things.

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Date:2009-07-15 07:28 (UTC) [T+03:50:16]
2009-07-15 02:28 (tanac's time)
Communication? It would be nice, yes. (I tried for about a year to figure out who was actually on the concom. Website doesn't say.)

Parties? They have parties? Like, other than the major events listed in the programming? (Meet the pros, frex)
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Date:2009-07-15 14:46 (UTC) [T+11:07:39]
2009-07-15 06:46 (ckd's time)
There were a few room parties; the goblinfruit launch party on Thursday night was a particular highlight for me. There weren't many, though; only a handful, even counting the "desserts in the con suite" "party".

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